7 Awesome Workshops

  • Hip Hop Dance:  8:30 Friday and 3 PM  Saturday

The Legacy One dancers will teach different dance styles under the umbrella of hip-hop (breaking/breakdancing house, old school, popping, locking) and give them a basic understanding and knowledge of these styles.

  • Drama:  12:30 PM and  1:45 PM  Saturday

Trickster Theatre will lead participants in an adventure in drama and theatre and develop a performance for the Open Mic Event later in the day.

  • Art and Beadwork: 3 PM and 4:15 PM Saturday

Trina will be leading a “hands-on” workshop that is designed to engage the full benefits of Art: reduction of stress hormones and increased confidence in ones creative ideas and problem solving abilities. Participants will create Beaded Wire Spiders using traditional and contemporary techniques.

  • Effective Public Speaking:  12:30 PM and 1:45 PM Saturday

What do people fear most? Flying, heights, bugs, loneliness or death? The answer: none of them. Our biggest fear is public speaking. In this workshop Nicole will help us learn effective communication techniques for delivering confident impromptu speeches, speech frameworks, how to speak confidently about any topic, and conquering the public speaking nerves! This workshop is friendly to all ages and experience levels.

  • Spoken Word:  8:30 PM Friday and  3 PM  Saturday

The Legacy One poets will teach the history of spoken word poetry, where it came from, and where it has evolved to. We will show a wide variety of spoken word examples as well as walk the students through a process of writing, teaching and performing the basics of what makes up the literary art of spoken word poetry.

  • Voice and Choir  12:30 PM and 1:45 PM  Saturday

In this masterclass, students will learn some key skills in performance, singing, and a few secrets behind the most successful concert musicians! Our target is to put together a sweet tune for the Open Mic that will be hosted at the end of the Expo!
¡Ven a cantar tu corazón con Kayla Walsh! 

  • Personal Empowerment:   4:15 PM  Saturday

Everyone has something they wish they could change about themselves. For some the list runs long. In this session, Alison will help you to view your weaknesses or the things you wish you could change about yourself in a new light. What currently seems like a curse can actually be a blessing in disguise. If you have been struggling with discouragement, or there are things in your life that frustrate you, this is the session for you as Alison shares her humourous and relatable story that will have you reflect on your own life with great hope and promise.