Summer Youth Music Camp 2023

This program event promises to be absolutely awesome for youth to enjoy learning experiences in a fun and safe environment. We are dedicated to the development of our youth in a positive and structured way to secure their future, creating responsible adults in our community.


 9:30 – 10 AM
Sign In, Prayer, Inspirational Activity

10 – 11:30 AM – Lessons and Workshops

11:30 – 12-30 PM – Outdoor Activities and Lunch

12:30 – 2 PM – Lessons and Workshops


2 – 2:30 PM – Cleanup, Sign Out, and Pick Up

David Espinel - Drum Lessons

Course Description:  

In these drumming sessions, David will demonstrate various beats and drumming styles. He will also demonstrate various rudiments, drum fills and how to incorporate these into beats and drum solos. He will discuss how these styles and techniques cross over into today’s Christian contemporary  and worship music.  



David Espinel started his drumming experience at the age of 6 years old playing in his elementary school marching band. During his early teen years he was involved in the high school band, high school ensemble and in the later years he joined the jazz band program performing and touring all over Canada and the United States. During the high school years David played along Morgan Childs a funk and jazz enthusiast, who has now become a well-established recording and touring drummer based out of Toronto. 

David got his professional start at age 17 playing in various clubs and festivals. He has performed and toured with many bands across Canada and parts of the United States including a gig at the world-famous Whisky A Go-Go in Hollywood in the summer of 2014 where he opened for LA Guns. 

David has taught drum lessons at Rhythmic Studios, Music Makers and Long & McQuade in Calgary for just over 9 years. David also studied drum theory for a short time at Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California. David teaches kids starting at 8 years old and up.


Mel Pant - Beginners Guitar

Course Description:  

Mel will be teaching elemental guitar with emphasis on understanding notes and formulating chords, strumming, picking and playing songs. Mel is currently on the Worship team at Faith Calgary playing guitar. 



Mel’s background is in sales and marketing, but his passion has always been playing the guitar.  His
background is in sales and marketing, but his passion has always been playing
the guitar. Mel is primarily self taught and he played in several bands as a
youngster, but did not resume his passion of playing until recently when
approached to join the Worship team at Faith Calgary. He is excited to teach
and pass along what he has learned over the years and eager to see his students
develop in their guitar playing abilities and passion for the instruments.


Sue Turner - Piano/Voice/Guitar

Course Description:  

The piano and voice class will be appropriate for anyone who has had some basic piano instruction. It would be very helpful if you know the notes on the keyboard and you’ve got some basic reading (music) skills. We will be learning a worship song as a starting point to learn many things about playing the piano from moving from bar to bar smoothly, finding basic chords, and combining voice with the music as well. You will definitely improve your skills and enthusiasm for the piano. 

Her guitar class is for anyone with basic guitar skills who wants to improve their playing, learn more chords and how the chords work together to make a song. Also we will learn some strumming patterns and how to play solid rhythm. We’ll also work on singing and playing at the same time for those who would like to sing. The object is to have alot of fun on this instrument and to gain confidence.



Sue Turner is a singer-songwriter and professional musician playing piano, guitar and dulcimer. She has recorded albums of original music and has played in blues, jazz and folk bands, and more recently in worship bands. She loves to teach anyone who is enthusiastic about learning anything musical, from playing instruments, to singing, to writing songs, to arranging and performing.

Heather Kemp - Arts and Crafts

Course Description:  

In this Summer Day Camp I want to make the most of our time together. My aim is to allow children to experience various types of art making including painting, printmaking without a press, sculpture and more. I incorporate stories which inspire while allowing the joy of exploration using various materials and techniques culminating with a collection of artistic treasures.



Heather has been teaching and fostering artistic expression for all ages through a myriad of Contemporary Visual and Classical Art methods including drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramic pottery, printmaking, and photography, as well as crafting unique hand-made projects such as book and paper making, tile mosaics, collage and other various types of art making since 1994.  Heather received a Diploma of Fine Arts with Distinction from the Alberta University for the Arts in 1996.  She is motivated by her love of people and her desire to uplift others. She uses some art therapy and mindfulness techniques while weaving in scripture and other stories; which are designed to facilitate ethical expansion, self-confidence and moral values by anchoring art project to tangible, real life possibilities.

“When I was a child in grade school one of the best things that happened to me was the encouragement to draw and paint by my peers and teachers alike. It felt good to be appreciated for what I enjoyed doing and I knew it was important for me to pass that on.” – Heather Kemp

Pascal Lessard - Dance

Course Description:  

Salsa: Learn to appreciate Latin culture and rhythms while worshiping God, being able to connect with people from different backgrounds.


Break dancing: Connect with today’s youth using your energy and gymnastic skills with biblical lyrics. Christianity is not limited to certain genres and not others.


Knitting: Appreciate quiet times creating and producing something nice, a great pastime, enjoying simple things in life, like a walk in nature.


Beginner Salsa

Salsa Origins:

 Afro-Cuban and Puerto Rican beginnings (1930s-’50s), made popular in New York (‘60s-’70s), after Piñeiro came up with “Échale salsita” (sabor / flavor) to define the combination of Cuban son, mambo, rumba and jazz, following the beats of congos, clave and timbales. Big names: Tito Puente, Celia Cruz, Buena vista Social Club, Compay 2do, Hector Lavoe, Oscar D’Leon y el gran combo. Utilized to define Latin social identity, from imperialism to disarmament and environmental issues and usually romantic or sensual, but transformed to worship God and express rejoicing in the Lord in the Christian context. 


Modern Trends:

 Now combined with reggaeton (Latin hip hop, with known famous international singers like Marc Anthony, Maluma, Wisin & Yandel, gente de zona, etc.), unfortunately often promotes not only the happy Latin flavor in music and dancing, but also the gangster type of materialistic lifestyle with flashy cars and a lot of bling bling, living the VIP and immoral lifestyle, just like American rap and hip hop is doing nowadays influencing the new generation, which we, as Christians, should counteract by spreading Gospel oriented messages with spiritual values.

Class Movements:

 Learn the basic steps: left-right-left, front-back-front, shifting weight with hip movement with a few cumbia patterns following the clave 3-2 rhythm. Use knowledge and practice to freestyle and come up with choreography.


 To experience the Latin culture, learn some Spanish and be able to connect with people from different backgrounds, now that salsa is not only Latin but also international and danced all around the world, even in China and Japan.

Performance song: “Crea en mi’ (create in me a sincere heart) from ‘Radar pentecostal.

Beginner Breakdancing

 Origin of the Moves:

 Top rock, break dancing (or b-boying) and hip hop originated in the Bronx, New York in the late 1970s and early ‘80s, as a combination of groove and acrobatic moves at ‘block parties’, following the beats of disco, funk, soul, rock, jazz and techno. It was a way for young people to connect with their community, expressing themselves through energetic moves and skills, which was not only fun but kept them away from drugs and the street gang lifestyle. B-boys who made it with their moves were able to support their family from humble origins, usually single mothers on welfare or working two jobs to make ends meet. Context: dance battle, free style circle, now international competitions moving away from the origins of neighborhood ‘block parties’ where one would connect with people.

Modern Trends:

 Rap and hip hop has been used to express one’s own hard life experience facing social injustice and/or racism. French and Spanish rap is mostly used to propagate messages against  international disparity, the type of capitalism that makes the rich richer and the poor miserable, living to keep up with appearances not questioning things. Some rap lyrics either address environmental issues or can be really vulgar. As Christians, we should communicate clean biblical messages to the lost world, while speaking out against grievances when needed.

Movement sequence:

 Learn some top rock (above the ground) moves, a few freezes (balancing act) and down rock (on the floor) with hands and feet, with different levels (up & down) and directions (front, back, right, left). No power moves (windmill / head spin), as this is for advanced levels. Integration of what each one knows, whether martial arts, dance, gymnastics or Brazilian capoeira.



 Connect with today’s youth and people who love music and dancing, while staying away from the clubbing life, which I was part of after my divorce. Keeping healthy away from drugs and bad habits, following rhythms with Christian lyrics.

Performance song: ‘Forever’ from ‘The Holy Culture – The Cross Movement’


Pascal is a French, Spanish, and Social Studies high school teacher in Calgary.  She is a world traveler who loves learning new languages and experiencing different cultures.  She has taken classes in Brazilian Capoeira, Break Dancing and Salsa. Pascal is inclined towards nature, outdoor activities, crafts, and the small pleasures of life, which she wants to share with this new generation who are inclined towards technology and material values.

Registration Form - Ages 10-18 yrs.

Non-refundable Admin Fee of $25.00 plus $10.00 for each additional family member.

Special rate of  $20.00 per day, per student, for Summer Camp. Weekly ($100)  Family rate available


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Consistent attendance is manditory for those who wish to participate in performances.

Make-up classes will not be offered due to a student cancellation (absence from class) nor will the fee for the class be refunded because the student’s spot is still being held for them. If a student arrives late for the lesson, the class will still end at its normally scheduled time.

Destiny Performing Arts reserves the right to cancel a class when unavoidable and will give the students a minimum ot 24 hours notice of the cancellation. DPA cancelled classes will be made up at a later date. 



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