Nicole Boyle-Calgary, Alberta

A 16 year- old pilot who is one of the youngest Canadians to get her Gliders Pilot License

Nicole is a 3rd generation Air Cadet, who entered the program at the age of 12. Despite being looked down upon due to her age and gender, Nicole persevered. Through hard work and determination, she achieved several scholarships within the Air Cadet program including a two week International Exchange to Belgium. Focused on her love of flying, Nicole was 15 years old when she completed her first solo flight in a Glider. At the age of 16, she met the requirements for her Power Pilot’s license, flying by herself before she had ever driven by herself! Though she had experienced exceptionally tough life situations at a young age, Nicole continues to encourage others to pursue their passions despite any negative personal experiences. Nicole uses painting, wrestling and singing as stress relievers to balance out her busy lifestyle, encouraging others to do the same.

Nicole Power
NicoleGimli Snowbirds 2015

The Sundrops-Swift Current, Saskatchewan

One of Canada’s Youngest, Most Talented Musical Siblings

The sibling-based musical group, ranging in age from 11 to 16 years old, created their band in 2013. Hailey, Darian, Lara and Jesse play 23 musical instruments between them. You have to see it to believe it.  Their repertoire includes a variety of top 40 hits, blues, country, and gospel songs as well as their own compositions. The Sundrops have performed across several western provinces and into the U.S.A., including 2 tours in Phoenix, Arizona. Despite each member experiencing some form of bullying, they have overcome these situations through the strength of their faith, family unit and their love of music. According to their mother Eva, “we believe this is the calling of our lives! To entertain!”

The Sun Drops

Lita Crawler- Morley, Alberta

Lita is a sixteen year barrel racer and breakaway roper who has won several rodeo championships. She learned to ride at a young age on her family’s horses and began competing with her own horse at the age of 10. According to her parents Amanda and Troy, “she really didn’t mind riding any horse as long as she got to ride.” Lita did exceptionally well at the Indian National Finals Rodeo, but her ultimate dream would be to compete at the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo. The WNFR is a professional level competition where the top challengers demonstrate their advanced skills. Lita and her family have had to overcome financial hardships in terms of the expense of competition, travel and care of their horses. According to her parents, Lita has also stood up against peer pressure and negativity while living on the First Nations reserve. Her natural athleticism extends to playing volleyball and hockey when she is not practicing her horsemanship with her mare “Missy”.​

Lita 2

Luke Reiten

A young boy started his own business at age 12  

​- Now is a success story​

Luke is a 14 year- old entrepreneur whose business is all about magic, drama and showmanship. It began when he saw the magician, David Copperfield perform his magic show in Las Vegas. According to his father Aaron, “from a young age, Luke has always loved to perform, entertain, and impress.” Every day he practices magic and card tricks so that he can continue to keep his audiences entertained. His ability to perform in front of others has allowed him to become an accomplished public speaker. Luke’s other passions are drama and baseball. He is a member of the Dawgs baseball team in Okotoks, Alberta.

Luke 3
Luke 4
Luke 1

Stephen McPhee-Calgary, Alberta

At 5 he dreamt of ending poverty for children, At 15autistic and​ engaging​,​he has helped over 45,000 Children with backpacks. 

 Stephen, an eigth-grader, is the creator of Stephen’s Backpacks Society for Children. At the age of 6, when Stephen learned of the existence of homeless children, he told his mother “Mommy, I need to help them”. He started in Dec. 2006, by delivering 15 backpacks to families that were part of Inn from the Cold. Celebrating the organization’s tenth anniversary this year, Stephen has helped 31,000 children with his backpacks and new running shoes. His organization has furnished apartments completely with bedding, furniture, and household for 12 families from the Inn from the Cold. Stephen has also helped fire victims in Airdrie and shipped a sea container to a Haiti orphanage. He has been recognized with several awards from Premier Ed Stelmach, had breakfast with the Right Honourable David Johnson, and been named Leader of Tomorrow, through Volunteer Calgary. In 2008, his mother Nancy McPhee, published a book called “Dream Out Loud” describing Stephen’s journey with autism.
Stephen 5
Stephen 6
Stephen w parents 2012
Stephen w MN

Cosette Swart-Calgary, Alberta

A 6 year-old painter and young philanthropist, raised over $16, 000.00 for Charity

Three year old Cosette learned about poverty and hunger by watching her family collect food donations for those who were less fortunate. Despite her young age, she understood that it wasn’t fair for some people not to have enough food or water. She wanted to donate an $800.00 cow to a needy family through World Vision. With her parents’ help, Cosette decided to raise money through the sale of her paintings. With multiple sales of her artwork, she raised enough money to gift the cow to a disadvantaged family. Three years later, Cosette has continued to gift animals to other poor families as well as a tent shelter to a family in Mongolia. Through the sale of one hundred and twenty paintings, Cosette has raised $16,000 for different charitable organizations. Now in Grade 2, she hopes to have a gallery show in 2018 to auction off her paintings for the charities Charity: Water and First Miracle.  The First Miracle charity was created by Cosette’s uncles after they were inspired by the work that she was doing for the disadvantaged.

Cosette (2)

Carrie Jacyszyn-Calgary, Alberta

At age 10, Carrie wrote a book called “The Little Mountain”, in which she recounted how she found personal joy, and how giving joy to others helped to motivate her.  She wants to encourage everyone to follow their own paths and to be proud of who they are. Now 18 years old, her mother Lorraine describes her daughter as “excited to move forward with her life in the most joyful way possible.”



mayor Nenshi

Brandon Watson-Calgary, Alberta

One of Canada’s youngest 

​W​riter, Actor and Producer

At the age of 3 1/2, Brandon asked his parents, what he would have to do to become a filmmaker. He had become intrigued by the special features that were part of the DVDs he had been watching. His parents told him that he had “to learn to read and write”. As he grew up, Brandon retained his fascination with filmmaking. With his younger sister Sarah, he shot several short videos she acted in, based on short stories that he co-wrote with her. He started acting lessons at the age of 10 and also completed two-6 month online script writing courses. Based on a dream he had, thirteen year old Brandon wrote “Calico”, a Western set in 1898. Two years later the actor, writer and producer held the premiere of his feature film at the Globe Cinema on April 26, 2016 and also held a silent auction to raise funds for the Kids Cancer Care of Alberta. Brandon continues to write scripts for future productions and dreams of more ambitious projects involving bigger budgets and large battle scenes. His next film, “Supposition” will be filmed in Calgary over the next few weeks. A crime drama, it is being developed from a script that Brandon wrote in 2014.