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Helping people explore and grow their talents through our community of qualified instructors in a nurturing and caring environment.


Film & Drama

The Film & Drama Program applies the full spectrum of film and drama study including acting, stage awareness, improvisation, script writing, creating stage sets, costuming, filming and editing.  It will culminate in the development of a production that will be presented either live or onscreen.


Voice Training

Our 9 week program includes 5 weeks of instruction on the theory of voice development which includes the study of the mechanism, principles and psychology of voice production.  The student will learn the four-physical-process of singing: Respiration, Phonation, Resonation and Articulation. In addition, the student will gain knowledge on caring for the voice, stage fright, confident stage presence, song interpretation, and voice classification.

Musical Instruments

Our 9 week program begins with 5 weeks of study in the fundamentals of music which will enable students to gain an understanding of the theory of music and its formula’s used by most musicians around the world.  This foundation is designed to encourage an exploration of the world of music. There will be in-class drills and exercises which will lead into playing simple basic chords on an instrument. A text will be provided by the instructor.

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Culinary Arts

Because of its popularity, we held 3  of our Baking and Culinary Workshops in the spring of 2019.  It offered instruction in following a recipe, measuring ingredients accurately, knife and kitchen appliance safety, oven and stove safety, plus using electrical outlets safely.  Participants had fun learning about cooking and baking in a pleasant environment then were able to enjoy their creations with fellow students afterwards. This is sure to be a regularly planned event!

Painting & Drawing

Our art class always produces an inspiring, fun and creative environment.  Learn about the magic of painting, sketching, shading techniques, abstract expressionism, and the power of color therapy.  Enjoy creating plant life, still life, perspective landscape and seascape. Let your imagination and creativity soar with elements of design, calligraphy and more.  You will leave the program with pieces of your own and increased confidence in an array of fresh new skills.


In the past, our dance classes have included a variety of dance styles and have been geared toward youth and teens but we have also offered dance classes for children who love to develop their skills and perform.  The training culminates in a choreographed piece that is performed at the completion of the classes. We plan around what is shown the greatest interest so please let us know what dance style has the most appeal to you.