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About Destiny Arts

A Non Profit Faith Based Institute

Mission Statement.

Arise! Be Confident! Let your Voice be Heard and let your Destiny Soar


  1. To utilize all forms of the arts to develop talents and interactive social skills.
  2. To do film studies culminating in participation in stage or onscreen productions.
  3. To showcase accomplishments through performance or presentations in the broader community.  


Destiny Performing Arts seeks to provide a safe and loving community, to empower and encourage aspiring young artists.   We seek to cultivate a culture of respect for all to develop in excellence and express with confidence their spiritual, creative and artistic talents.


Our main purpose is to provide both learning opportunities and practical application for the youth to develop their skills and talents in the different art forms (drama, dance, painting & drawing, music, writing, and culinary arts). This will promote self-expression and socialization which helps meet the needs of our diverse youth community.  Our target demographic is youth and children from all cultural backgrounds. We offer positive and enriching activities that unleash creativity in a safe and inclusive environment.


Applying the full spectrum of film/drama study including acting classes, stage awareness, improvisation, script writing, creating stage sets, costuming, filming and editing, a production will be developed and presented either live or onscreen.

By providing venues where students can showcase the gifts and talents they have developed, Destiny Performing Arts will take music, dance and drama to community events, schools, churches, nursing homes and cultural events.